A homebuyer once said to us, "Wouldn't it be great if all open houses were on one site?  Can you imagine the gas we would save if we could stop driving around aimlessly every weekend looking for Open House signs?" .... and with that, may we present to you, Open House By Zip Code. 

The real estate market of today is fast moving, exciting and the opportunities are endless.
OPEN HOUSE BY ZIP CODE was created for you, the home buyer, the renter,
the agents and the owners who need one site that answers the question ...
"Where are the Open Houses today?"

There are many real estate sites, many with listings, real estate related articles,
mortgage calculators, the do's and don'ts of real estate, etc. .... But this site is
different, this is the site that stays true to the reason it was created, to let you know what's open and what time to be there.

Join the new and exciting community of Open Houses... one site, lots of agents, lots of open houses.
We're connecting Buyers with their homes ... and it all starts with