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If you do not have an account, select "Create An Account". If you do have an account, Log In to the site. Once you are logged in, select "My Homes". If you are not registered as an agent, the page will display "Please register as an agent to submit your Listing". Register as an agent. Click on "New", fill in the form, and click "Publish".

Be sure to update your agent profile. To do this, select "My Account" at the top of the page. From the sub-menu, select "My Agent Profile". Select Edit and fill in your information so potential buyers can contact you.

Simply click Forgot Password and type in your email address. The Open House By Zip Code system will create a new password for you and send it and your "Username" to your email inbox.

Please click Contact Us and submit a support request, please be sure to insert your name in the request form and a support representative will contact you shortly via email.


Most often than not, if you can't upload a photo, the file is too large. A tip we find helpful, is to go to the MLS, find your listing and click on media (or photos). Right click over each photo you would like to upload and save the file to your desktop for easy access. When you upload photos to your open house post, use the photos you just placed on your desktop because they are much smaller in size. All image files uploaded to our server must be less than 3 MB. If your images are greater than 3 MB, you'll need to use an image editor to reduce the file size.

The photos and logo may be too large of files. If you're having trouble with the upload, please send us an email with your photo and/or logo as an attachment. We'll upload it for you. Email to

We are making every effort to be the site where buyers look for Open Houses. We have created campaigns to reach our target audience via radio, tv and print advertising. We're connecting buyers with their homes and we want everyone to know it!

Open House posts are FREE for Realtors and FSBO's.

Home page "Featured Listing": $25 per open house

Display Ads (Banner Ads featured on the top and the right hand side of the page). Click on Advertise With OHBZC for more information about Display Ads.

The 8 "Featured Listings" spots on our home page rotate when the page is loaded.

Make your post a stand out by purchasing a Home Page “Featured Ad” position.  Visitors will get a view of your Open House before they enter the site!

After you’ve entered your open house information, click on “My Open Houses”, find your post and click on PayPal logo. The cost is $25.00 per spot.

Follow PayPal instructions and your post will be displayed on the Home Page.

Yes, absolutely and there is no charge to do so!

All ads run for up to 7 days. We think the best day to post your ad is Monday, so it runs all week before the weekend of your open house. All ads expire at the end of the day of your open house.

You can reach us by clicking on Contact Us.